Product specs

The product

HyperScout is the first ever miniaturized hyperspectral imager with its own brain. It is designed to be operated upon nano, micro and larger satellites. The extremely compact reflective telescope ensures high optical quality in the VNIR range. The onboard data handling system is made for realtime data processing, enabling Level-2 generation onboard and therefore drastically reducing the amount of data to be downloaded and processed.

If used onboard larger satellites, the wide swath, the Level-2 realtime data processing, and the minimal impact at system level, make the HyperScout attractive as an ancilliary instrument providing real time phenomena information either to the larger primary payload, or to a ground control room. This enables smart operational planning for large payloads.



1.1 kg


11 W


1U compatible

Spectral range

400 – 1000 nm

Spectral bands



4096 x 1850 px

Swath (@300 km)

164 km

GSD (@300 km)

40 m

Onboard data processing

Level 2


  • built to order
  • 3 months lead time

Product Sheet

Download the HyperScout product sheet here.