HyperScout applications

HyperScout brings together a wide range of applications.

Below an overview of example applications that HyperScout is able to inspect and process real time, please get in touch with to discuss your ideas!

Flood delineation

An example of floods seen in the Mississippi region in early 2016.

With HyperScout it is possible to monitor how flooded areas develop over time, with a high temporal resolution.

Credits NASA

Crop water requirements

HyperScout data be exploited to monitor the crop water requirements.
The image shows farm’s agricultural field in Saudi Arabia, where the rainfall is not enough to be used to water the crops.

With satellite data farmers can better manage water for irrigation—a quickly diminishing resource in the desert environment.


Credits NASA

Vegetation health

HyperScout can be used for monitoring indicators of vegetation condition over wide geographic areas, which is a prerequisite for environmental decision-making.

Credits NASA

Change detection

Change detection can be used for a variety of application which go water and soil pollution, to deforestation.

An example can be monotoring the of water basins to assess the level of desertification.

The data processing of HyperScout allows the analysis to be performed onboard. Only if an anomaly is detected the information is downlinked, allowing HyperScout to be used for early warning.

Credits NASA

Fire hazard



Land use


Algea bloom

All above images: IMAGE CREDITS NASA