About HyperScout

HyperScout is the first ever miniaturized hyperspectral imager with its own brain. It is designed to be operated upon nano, micro and larger satellites. Dependant on the constellation you can measure what you want, where you want, when you want it.

Due to rapid price drops and miniaturization of the instruments, HyperScout can be turned into a commercially exploitable platform bringing enterprise solutions by real-time earth inspection. HyperScout will enable countless companies and organisations to use real-time earth observations in different applications for their insights and decisions.

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Make HyperScout technology available to organizations for global to local earth inspection. Offer your customers on-demand observation capabilities from your fleet of HyperScouts with the best available measurement instruments.

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On demand remote sensing

HyperScout payloads can acquire data from anywhere on Earth on demand, for specific applications. Different applications can also be performed on the same region on ground. All this is achieved using hyperspectral imaging in the visible and near infrared bands.

Optimized imaging for purpose

Imaging is optimized for the current use, being able to inspect for different purposes during one orbit at different locations and even for different organizations.

Real time decisions and information

Data is processed on board and delivered in real time as decisions or actionable information.

Fleets & Constellations

The time to revisit an area to monitor changes depends on the application. One HyperScout will observe the same area once a day. For higher revisiting frequencies or a larger area than one HyperScout can observe, a constellation of multiple HyperScouts can be combined into a fleet. Below some examples:
Observe twice a day
A small constallation of 2 HyperScouts flying over the same area twice a day.
Europe twice a day
A constallation of 12 HyperScouts can observe Europe once a day.
Observe world twice a day
A constellation of 16 HyperScouts can observe the whole world twice a day.
Observe twice an hour
A constellation of 16 HyperScouts flying over the same area twice an hour, anywhere in the world.